239A - 240 H-O-A Waste Gas Burner / Manual Ignition System

The Varec 239A Series Waste Gas Burner is designed for burning biogas generated in the anaerobic digestion process. Burning or flaring to the atmosphere reduces the potential odor nuisance from venting directly to the atmosphere. This burner is suitable for burning low volumes of biogas, which is typically very "wet", with a low BTU value (between 550 and 600 BTU), and composed primarily of methane. The 239A Burner is designed to ignite the biogas by passing it through a "curtain of flame" developed by the ring-type pilot. The pilot gas mixes with air at the pilot ring and the pilot flame burns on top of the ring. The biogas is deflected across the pilot flame by an integral baffle. A manually- adjustable shutter is provided at the bottom of the burner stack to change the available air volume in case the waste gas flow rate fluctuates. Dual pilot lines in the larger models are located 180ยบ apart to distribute the pilot flame around the entire ring. The burner pedestal is insulated internally, enclosing the pilot line(s) and the biogas line. A separable mounting base is included for pre-installation on a concrete foundation or other suitable support. A covered pilot observation and ignition port with separate inspection port are provided on the burner stack. A low-pressure natural gas pilot supply is recommended with the Varec 239A Burner. Since biogas is typically moist and dirty with fluctuating pressure and BTU value, it may not provide the reliable pilot flame necessary. Please specify if pilot gas utilized is propane.

The Varec 240 H-O-A Manual/Cycling Electric Pilot Ignition System Series is designed for use with the Varec 239A Series Waste Gas Burner. The unit provides a manually-initiated ignition spark and provision to continuously cycle the spark on and off. This model is recommended when an electrical means of pilot ignition is desired, but automatic pilot monitoring and status alarms are not required. A compact ignition transformer with a dual-cycling timer switch is provided inside a weatherproof enclosure. The enclosure is fitted with an external "Hand-Off-Auto" switch, and is suitable for panel or wall mounting. The transformer and switches are pre-wired to a terminal strip at the factory. An ignition electrode assembly with weatherproof housing is also provided, and is easily field-mounted to the primary stack of the 239A Series Burner.

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    • "Curtain of Flame" Ring-Type Pilot
    • 30455 Pilot Orifices
    • Insulated Pedestal protects pilot line
    • Separable Mounting Base
    • UL approved on NEMA 4/4x control panels