211 Low Pressure Check Valve

The Varec Biogas 211 Series Low Pressure Check Valve is ideal for low pressure gas control lines where reversal of flow must be prevented. The check valve is normally installed downstream of (a) meters; (b) regulators; or (c) other gas control devices that could be damaged by an accidental reversal of gas flow, pressure or explosion shock waves. It is usually located in systems where gas flow between multiple digesters or gas holders must be prevented and when gas flow reversal between several pieces of equipment installed in parallel must be prevented.

Flow curves are provided to help you select the proper size for your vapor recovery requirements. Additionally, applications engineering staff and factory trained representatives are always available to assist you.

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    • Maximum flow with minimum pressure drop.
    • Removable/replaceable seat rings.
    • Heavy wall cast housing in 356 T6 low copper aluminum.
    • Flanged or threaded connections.