233 Condensate and Sediment Trap

The Varec Biogas 233 Series Condensate and Sediment Trap should be installed immediately downstream from each digester to remove the large volume of water which condenses when the gas cools as it exits the digester. In addition, sediment which is entrained in the gas will drop out and accumulate in the trap, protecting downstream equipment from damage caused by solids. Varec Biogas Model 233 Condensate and Sediment Traps may be installed at other locations in the gas system where large volumes of water must be removed.

These sediment traps are designed for working pressures up to 25 psig (172 kPa).

Note: When a Varec Biogas Drip Trap is installed, the pressure rating of the drip trap determines the maximum allowable working pressure for the assembled unit.

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    • Large reservoir capacity
    • Welded steel construction
    • Galvanized finish, epoxy coated internals, stainless steel (optional)
    • Easily cleaned
    • 25 psi working pressure