244W Waste Gas Burner & Ignition System

The Varec 244W Series is a highly reliable flare and ignition system. It utilizes a patented pilot ignition system that mixes pilot gas and air at ground level to provide a robust, high temperature pilot. The pilot is ignited away from the flare stack. This reduces wear and tear and allows routine maintenance to be carried out without exposing the operator to high temperatures. The design of the pilot system is such that the 244W is not affected by fluctuations in waste gas flow or heat content. A shielded thermocouple provides reliable detection of the pilot.

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    • Highly Reliable Stoichiometric Pilot providing a non-smoky flame
    • Flamefront technology
    • Simplified Maintenance - All Performed at Ground Level
    • 110 mph Wind Survival Without Secondary Stack
    • Long Life Stainless Steel Tip
    • Solid State Controller Provides
    • Automatic Re-Ignition
    • Industry standard.
    • HMI Touchscreen panel standard on NEMA 4X control panel.