248 Condensate Accumulator

Biogas is usually hot and saturated when it leaves the digester. It continues to cool as it goes through the piping system causing water condensate to drop out. The removal of condensate from the biogas piping system is necessary to protect piping and equipment from possible damage caused by corrosion or water hammer.

The 248 Series Condensate Accumulator can store a significant amount of condensate. It is usually installed at the lowest point of the piping system.

The simple design of the 248 Series permits easy and reliable maintenance and operation. The unit uses an internal drip leg and operates with a water seal under normal operating conditions. The height of the water seal should not expose the tip of the drip leg that is inside the vessel.

The drip leg is sized to prevent surges from expelling the liquid seal. As condensate from the gas is diverted to the accumulator, the drip leg will automatically drain the amount of condensate that is above the level of the water seal. The drip leg exit connection must be properly piped using a tee to prevent syphoning. One end of the tee is to vent, and the other is to drain.

Two 1/2” NPT connections are provided for sight glass installation. It allows visual inspection of the water seal and condensate level during start-up and normal operation. A large 2-inch NPT blowout and drain connection is provided to remove entrained solids or sediment.

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    • Large Condensate Reservoir
    • Simple Operator
    • Optional Alarm Switches