5200 Flame Check

The Varec 52OO Series Flame Check is designed to stop flashbacks in small pipe lines carrying flammable gases. Flame checks are installed in small pilot lines to fuel burning devices, in vent piping from manometers and diaphragm operated regulators. The flame check should always be installed as near as possible to the open end of the vent pipe or source of flame. Flame checks prevent the propagation of a flame through the principle of dissipation. If a flashback is generated, it is extinguished before it passes through the internal element. The compressed woven wire element absorbs heat from the flame front faster than it is developed. The temperature of the flame is lowered below its ignition point, thus quenching the flame. The large net free area in the flame arresting element provides increased flow capacity with minimal pressure drop. In addition, the element design maximizes surface area for greater dissipation of heat resulting in maximum fire protection. The Varec Flame Check housing is designed similar to a pipe union permitting easy disassembly to remove the flame arresting element for inspection and cleaning. The Varec 5200 Series Flame Check is available in .25" through 2" sizes with NPT connections. The housing is constructed of low copper cast aluminum which is non-corrosive in hydrocarbon gases and resistant to H2S and other corrosive elements. The flame arresting element is 316 stainless steel. Maximum working pressure is 25 PSIG (172 kPa) as standard.

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    • Large net free area for maximum flow
    • 25 PSIG working pressure
    • Pipe union type housing permits easy disassembly
    • Compressed woven wire element design maximizes fire protection