249 Enclosed Flare

The Varec Biogas 249 Series Enclosed Flare is a flare specifically designed for biogas application. It is primarily used in areas where flare stack emissions are controlled and regulated. The sophisticated design of the 249 Series is a top-of-the-line, full-featured, drop-ship product, where all eventualities have been carefully considered at the design phase. After the product is shipped, our qualified Varec Biogas Field Service Engineers are present for commissioning, start-up and personnel training, and will work in conjunction with the Contractor or the Maintenance/Operation Personnel at the plant.

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    • No visible flame.
    • Destruction Removal Efficiencies (DRE) of 99.95%%.
    • Low NOX and CO emissions.
    • High turn down ratios available.
    • Handles low operating pressure.