59 Detonation Flame Arrester

The Varec Biogas 59 Series Detonation Flame Arresters are designed and tested to arrest all possible flame fronts of varying operating pressures and speeds, including long run stable and overdriven detonations.
The 5700 Series will quench flame fronts generated from a wide range of gases in the piping system, regardless of pipe length and configuration. With this level of capability, safe operations and a high level of confidence are assured.
The 5700 Detonation Flame Arrester quenches the flame by incorporating a device that breaks the flame into very small “flamelets.” These “flamelets” pass through small channels in the flame arrester element. The channels cool the flame front below the ignition temperature of the vapor mixture, thereby quenching it.

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    • Tested in accordance with USCG CFR 154
    • Maximum allowable pressure to 150 psig (1MPa)
    • Bidirectional flow
    • Installed in either horizontal or vertical piping.
    • Flame element easily removed, separated and cleaned in the field.